Slip Rolls

Slip Rolls
Baileigh Industrial has a fantastic line of metal roll forming machines that consists of 19 models to choose from. One small segment of that line is Baileigh Industrial's slip rolls. These slip roll machines are built to withstand years of rolling at maximum capacity. A Baileigh slip roll is a perfect machine for rolling lighter gauges of sheet metal with a maximum capacity of 16-gauge.

Baileigh Industrial's manual slip rolls are offered from 12 to 50 inches wide with capacities from 22 to 16 gauge mild steel. The Baileigh manual slip rollers are perfect for doing prototyping, but can also be put into production for smaller fab shops. These roll forming machines are ruggedly built to the same standards as our larger electrically driven slip roll machines. Baileigh Industrial's powered slip roller is 50 inches wide and can accept a piece of sheet metal at its full width down to 16 gauge mild steel, making it perfect for production work. All Baileigh Industrial slip rollers are easy to adjust and operate and come with wire grooves standard. Baileigh Industrial prides itself at carrying most models in stock at all times for quick shipments.

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