Vertical Mill Drill VMD-30VS

Vertical Mill Drill VMD-30VS
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When combining two different functions into one machine, the designer has to be careful to not lose the best functions of the original machines. Baileigh Industrial’s VMD-30VS mill drill is a perfect example of that. They took the popular DP-1250VS drill press and mated it with a 29” x 8” milling table. The result is nothing more than remarkable. This may be the perfect mill drill for any fabrication shop or school looking to save space yet not skimp on features.

The VMD-30VS is an inverter driven variable speed mill drill that runs on 220 volts of single phase power. The Delta® inverter allows the VMD-40VS to turn at speeds from 0 to 2500 rpm. Being able to infinitely adjust tooling speed is important to prolong tooling life and save money.

In order to strengthen the VMD-30VS to be able to handle the stresses of milling, the column from the DP-1250VS was shortened and a full cast iron base was put in its place. The whole assembly then sit on top of a full metal base that integrates a flood coolant system to further gain tool life

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